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Saturday, June 15, 2013
Red-shirts packing up to beat the flood

Saturday began earlier than any day in Solar Splash history with a 1:15 am call from Lori, the George Wyth State Park ranger, telling us that the road to the competition area was beginning to be covered by rising river water. The "calling tree" kicked into action, and every team was notified that we had two hours to pack up and leave the site.

Teams packing up in the middle of the night
Packing up in the rain

The response was immediate and swift. All of the teams showed up within minutes, and we were packed and out within two hours! By morning there was a foot or more of water covering the road, as you can see in the photo to the right.

The flooded road to the competiton area on Saturday afternoon
Lunch and awards at Hansen's Dairy

Kendra Everest, our Iowa site coordinator, found us a place to have lunch, the awards ceremony, and our daily dose of ice cream! Where better than Hansen's Dairy, who had been supplying us with ice cream every afternoon during the event? Many of the participants took a tour of the farm and saw not only cows, but also kangaroos and wallabies.

Taking a tour of the dairy farm
Cedarville team photo

Cedarville University, next year's host school in Dayton, Ohio, won the event for the 7th time in the past 10 years. Geneva College, a long-time Solar Splash competitor, had their best finish ever, coming in 2nd place.

Geneva College team
Friday, June 14, 2013
Teams lined up to get in the water

Threatening weather and rising river levels forced a change in schedule today. After Qualifying and Slalom were completed in the morning, an Endurance heat was run in the afternoon.

Start of an Endurance heat
Stony Brook in the Endurance competition Geneva in the Endurance competition Orono High School in the Endurance competition
Northeastern University visual display

Visual Displays were judged and volunteer judges talked to the team about their boats for the purpose of selecting design award winners.

Cal-Poly Pomona visual display
Middle Tennessee in the Sprint

Fear that the park may close early on Saturday if the Cedar River rises above flood stage forced a late evening run of the first Sprint heat. The final heat was run around 7:30 pm. We will know early in the morning if George Wyth State Park will be closed, bringing an end to Solar Splash 2013.

Cal-Poly Pomona in the Sprint
Thursday, June 13, 2013
Inspection before going on the water

After electrical and mechanical inspections are completed, teams go to the water for on-the-water inspections and Qualifying. Endurance and Sprint Qualifying must be completed before running the Solar Slalom course.

Inspection before going on the water
Jeff Morehouse giving instructions at the morning meeting

Every morning at 8:00 there is a "morning meeting" where the events of the day are discussed. Attendance is mandatory since changes may be made in the competition that each team must be aware of.

The fishing pier is flooded and not available for our use this year.
Geneva duck mascot from the swim test Students enjoy free ice cream every afternoon Students making last minute adjustments to their boat
The College of New Jersey in the Qualifying course Orono High School students working on their boat The Middle Tennessee State University dashboard
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Teams arriving

A few morning showers gave way to blue skies as the teams began to arrive and register for the 20th annual Solar Splash. Eleven teams set up their paddock areas, weighed in their skippers, and began getting their boats inspected.

Skippers weighing in
Swim test

Skippers participated in the swim test. Happily, everyone passed!

At the Wednesday evening banquet everyone kept an eye on storms that were in the area. The nearby tornado warning did not affect the evening festivities.

Skipper in the swim test
Thunderstorms in the area Thunderstorms over the solar panels Wednesday evening banquet
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Launch ramp and dock

Teams that have competed in Iowa in previous years will notice some differences this year. First,the lake is 3-4 feet higher than it has been the past two years. Second, the tents are held down with large concrete bollards since we were informed new rules don't permit nailing tent stakes into the asphalt.

Sprint start jetty underwater
Tent with concrete bollards

The photo to the right was taken on Monday night at George Wyth State Park. The almost-new moon can be seen with Venus (bottom right) and Mercury (faint dot in the upper center part of the picture). It is often difficult to see Mercury because it is so close to the horizon. (You may have to click on the image to bring up a larger picture so that you can see Mercury.)

Moon, Mercury, and Venus