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Sunday, June 17, 2007
The rain held off until after the Endurance Event and the awards ceremony. The day was a partly cloudy one, with the sun coming and going throughout the day. This gave an extra energy management challenge to the teams.

Cedarville turned in the most laps in the morning and was leading in the afternoon when they had a drive train failure. After a very quick pit stop, they were back on the course but more than a lap behind second place Arkansas.

Cedarville managed to "unlap" Arkansas and was closing on them when the horn sounded, ending the two-hour event. Arkansas won the Endurance Event by about 50 meters after both boats traveled more than 22000 meters!
Arkansas boat Cedarville boat Navy boat
South Carolina boat ETS boat Northern Iowa boat
Middle Tennessee State boat Elizabethtown boat Marquette boat
LSU boat Carnegie Mellon boat Cal-Poly Pomona boat
Istanbul Tech boat Temple boat Kansas State boat
Saturday, June 16, 2007
Istanbul Tech boat The Sprint Event was run today because the weather looked better for Sunday. As it turned out, the day was mostly sunny, though we got a rain shower late in the afternoon. Kansas State boat
Temple University boat

« Temple University had their share of problems.

ETS got their boat to "fly" on hydrofoils. »

The Sprint final, won by Arkansas, had a photo finish for second place. Click here to watch a video of Cedarville edging out South Carolina by 0.03 seconds for second place (2.4MB wmv file).

ETS boat on hydrofoils
Start of the Sprint finals Arkansas boat in the Sprint Arkansas boat celebrates their Sprint victory
Friday, June 15, 2007
Solar panels and electronics

After battery charging and some final touches, all boats completed Qualifying for both the Sprint and Endurance Events.

ETS team members at work
Visual display from Northern Iowa

« Teams set up visual displays, which are judged and figure into the total point score.

The media interviewed participants and filmed some of the competition. »

The first round of Sprints were run in the afternoon. Because of weather predictions, the Sprint will be run on Saturday and the Endurance on Sunday.

Media interview
South Carolina team with Keith from Johnson Controls Istanbul Tech boat in the Sprint Cedarville in the Sprint Event
South Carolina boat in the Sprint Event Carnegie Mellon and Cal-Poly Pomona boats in the Sprint Event Marquette boat in the Sprint Event
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Boat launching

« Boats were launched into Lake Fayetteville and the competition began.

On-the-water inspections began today. »

On the water inspection
Elizabethtown College Many of the boats ran qualifying runs - both the Sprint qualifier and the Endurance qualifier - and the Solar Slalom. Cedarville
LSU boat Cedarville
University of Northern Iowa boat Marquette University boat Middle Tennessee State University boat
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
High line and flags

« David and Richard ran the high line (start line) and hung the checkered flags.

Teams arrived and unloaded and unveiled this year's entries. »

Carnegie Mellon unloading
Skipper weighing

Skippers had to weigh in for ballasting purposes. Later in the afternoon all skippers had to swim 25 meters and tread water for one minute.

After the swim test and very interesting talk by Wal-Mart's Charles Zimmerman, all participants enjoyed a dinner on the lawn of Old Main on the University of Arkansas campus.

Skipper swim test
Picnic at Old Main Istanbul Tech boat Jeff Morehouse and the new display board
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tent for eight of the teams

The site is ready for the teams to arrive! Several teams have already arrived - the Turkish team has been in town for a week now. There will be 15 teams in the competition this year.

Lake Fayetteville